When our twins were born, we quickly realized that we would need simpler and less cumbersome methods to go from point A to point B than the traditional double stroller. Being both babywearing adepts since the birth of our son in 2008, it was clear to us that carrying our daughters would be the best way to deal with our new reality and that’s why we started searching for more suitable options.

It didn’t took too long to discover that the best babywearing products were hard to find in Canada and that we had no choice but to buy online, from foreign countries and without the ability to try the products prior to buying them. We had no clue what to expect!

In the mean time, Cindy decided to go forward with her passion and experience in ergonomic babywearing, notably by obtaining her certification from the Canadian Babywearing School as a Babywearing Consultant and Educator, offering babywearing workshops and consultant services all over the province of Quebec and to all Francophone babywearers from around the world.

Our researches, often teinted by disappointment because the products weren’t what we needed them to be, lead us to believe that something needed to be done, not only for us but also for all canadian families, so that they can benefits from all the good that babywearing can bring to them.

Our main goal: to offer canadian retailers of all size ergonomic babywearing products and accessories that would be both useful, comfortables and safe for families from all over the country.

It is within this optic that we pledge to always offer high quality products that complies with the highest safety standards of the industry, notably the ASTM and EN standards, in terms of baby carriers and slings. This is also why we are a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA).

At PEC Canada, we are (and we’ll always be) carried by love!


Pier-Luc Simard, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder