Petits Minous Slippers

These slippers are the only ones you'll ever want!

Handmade in Quebec out of 100% sheep's wool, 100% cotton canvas and leather, the Petits Minous Slippers are soft and cozy. 

Offered in different colors and sizes to suit both babies, kids and grownups, the Petits Minous slippers are perfect for the whole family!

With the inside entirely made of 100% breathable pure wool, these slippers will keep your feet warm in the winter, but cool in the summer. Moreover, the natural wicking property of sheep wool will keep your feet dry and odorless. 

The soles are made of soft leather, to provide a good grip without being harmful to any surfaces. 

We are proudly representing Petits Minous throughout Canada. If you'd like to become a Petits Minous retailer, contact us now!