PEC Canada is not only a proud member of both BCIA and ASTM, but also a team formed of two CBS trained babywearing consultants! It is important for us to help promote safe babywearing and we want to help fellow canadian babywearing educators to get great carriers for their teaching stash, without breaking the bank. This is why we offer a 30% discount to any Canadian Babywearing School Educators, on any of our currently available products. For this discount to be applicable, you will have to fill the form below AND send us a proof of training (copy of your CBS certificate or receipt). 

While this is a great opportunity for CBS Educators to get great carriers at a discounted price, we would also appreciate if you could pass this opportunity to others, when you'll stop using this carrier, by offering it at the same discounted price to other fellow babywearing educators. 

BEFORE filling this form, please consult our CATALOG (click here) to select the carrier you would like to order! Please note that since this is not a transactional website, no prices will be shown on our catalog. Prices will be confirm by email upon order. 

When your form will be received, we will contact you to arrange payment and shipping!

(Payment methods available: PayPal, EMT and Credit Card)


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